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The Beauty Of The Human Voice In Singing


Tom M. Roberts

Mankind was made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26) and designed with a spiritual understanding (Eccl. 3:11). While there are many robots created by God (animals, plants, stars, etc.) only man is a free moral agent, capable of rendering to God worship of his own free will. A “robot” does what God programmed it to do: roses bloom, planets orbit,  animals follow instinct: they exist without choice. Only man has free will. 

​The worship of God is spiritual (John 4:24) and involves the heart (spirit) of man. Nothing expresses this more than Christians singing “with the spirit and understanding” (1 Cor. 14:15).  Singing to God is part of the New Testament order and churches of Christ do not use mechanical instruments when they sing. “Mechanical” describes devices devoid of spirit or understanding. Thus, we are known for our a cappella music. Included below are songs with the human voice “sing and make melody in the heart” (Eph. 5:19). To further your knowledge of this and other questions: “search the scriptures to see if these things are so”Acts 17:11). Some of this music is from congregations (the whole church) and some from individuals. Both are avenues of worship to God in song. 

Please note that a cappella singing is singing with the voices God gave us and not with mechanical instruments. Such singing illustrates the beauty of the human voice as God made it in spiritual service to our Creator. We pray that you are blessed as you listen (or sing along with) these voices who are praising God. 


a Cappella Music - Part Singing

A Cappella Hymns  -  Part Singing by Elliot Bowman

These hymns are a product of an ongoing project by Elliot Bowman from Clarksville, TN.  He records hymns in 4-part harmony and posts them with sheet music on
so that listeners can sing along to learn to harmonize better,
learn new songs, or just listen for enjoyment.

Elliot has been a church brother and song leader for many years and has a passion for hymns, new and old.

To visit his YouTube channel, visit: 

a Cappella Music - Congregational Singing

A Cappella Congregational Singing

by members of the

Mulvane church of Christ,

Mulvane, Kansas

a Cappella Music - Gospel Quartet

a Cappella Music - Congregational Singing


A Cappella Congregational Singing

by members of the

Kleinwood church of Christ,

Spring, Texas

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